General Oral Care

General Oral Care

Sunrise Dental Longview knows that dental decay (caries) and periodontal (gum) disease are among the most common diseases affecting mankind. These diseases are preventable if you develop good oral habits and visit your dentist on a regular basis. It is our goal to guide you on the best ways to prevent these diseases on a daily basis and to offer the lowest possible prices at our offices to help you maintain a healthy smile.

Dental diseases are not considered to be lethal and therefore attitudes on the part of the governments and public healthcare system are different. However, the negative effects and cost of dental diseases for the patient can be enormous: pain, suffering, lengthy treatments and loss of work are some of major impacts. Proactive measures to reduce or eliminate dental issues could result in significant improvements to the health and welfare of the entire population.

Both dental caries and periodontal disease are the result of bacteria in the plaque, which collects on the teeth and gums. The best way to slow the creation of bacteria is to develop good eating and cleaning habits.

The tooth has five surfaces – front, back, the two sides and the chewing surface. Brush the top and bottom teeth separately.Sunrise Dental Longview dentists agree that the bristle tips should be applied at 45 degree angle to the gum area just above where the teeth surfaces start and should concentrate on the area where the two surfaces meet (where most people miss). The bristles should be moved back and forth with a gentle circular scrubbing motion and short strokes. Do not forget the teeth at the back of the mouth and also the inside surface of the teeth near your tongue. Brush all the biting surfaces and finish up by lightly brushing the surface of your tongue.

Although manual toothbrushes will do an adequate job of cleaning your teeth, the Sunrise Dental Longview dentists recommend that you use a power toothbrush which can provide a better cleaning. Additionally, do not be embarrassed if you are unsure if you are brushing correctly, it is better to ask your dental professional than to have an oral environment that is a host for bacteria.

A big part of proper oral care is simply doing the small day-to-day tasks that keep your teeth, gums, and smile healthy. Following these simple daily dental tips can help to prevent larger problems:

    • Brush your teeth at least once per day, but two times is better. Brush in the morning when you awake, and at night before you go to sleep. When possible, after meals, rinse your mouth out with water.
    • Floss once per day, usually towards the end of the day, to remove any particles and bacteria from between teeth.
    • Eat healthy balanced meals, and avoid sugary snacks or sticky foods that can stick to teeth.
    • Do not eat late night meals, and if you do, please make sure and brush before you go to bed.
    • Do not smoke or use tobacco products. They can weaken and stain teeth permanently.

Oral health means more than just an attractive smile! Poor oral health and untreated diseases and conditions can have a significant impact on quality of life. And, in many cases the condition of the mouth mirrors the condition of the body as a whole – Some medical reports have shown that there is a correlation between patients with poor oral health and poor body health.